Ali Scarlett has been awarded the Transformational Business Leader of the year award by Exeleon Magazine. The US-based magazine recognizes the extraordinary strides of entrepreneurs and business owners to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and learn from their experiences.

Through his online platform, The Clever Connector, Ali Scarlett summarizes academic papers on various business networking applications to teach the sociology of business networking to young entrepreneurs. 

According to Exeleon Magazine, a strong and reliable network is the foundation upon which companies and entrepreneurs can develop lasting relationships that will ultimately lead to new levels of success. 

And while a well-rounded, powerful network can help a business weather the storm in times of need and serve as a valuable resource in times of growth, businesses and entrepreneurs who operate in isolation often find themselves on the short end of the stick when faced with the usual adversities and market upsets that characterize the world of commerce and industry.

As a sociology and networking expert, Ali has proven time and again that he perfectly understands the importance of a strong network to the survival and prosperity of a business, as well as the career of an entrepreneur. 

Learning from his own unsavory experience at the hands of scammers who sold him useless digital courses when he was just 15 years old, Ali Scarlett has repeatedly lent his time and expertise to teach young and aspiring entrepreneurs how to properly stand up for themselves and create lasting relationships.

Ali Scarlett insists that young business owners must try their utmost best to avoid takers while working tirelessly to equip themselves with all the vital business skills for success. And most importantly, the bestselling author advises that they learn from their mistakes and apply the lessons to improve themselves and their businesses.