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CashFX – The First Step of Your Forex Trading Journey, We Trade You Earn Passively

CashFX is a reputable, transparent, and regulated forex trading platform created and backed by a team of experts who specialize in financial markets. Users can both trade and learn on the forex platform, which is approved in multiple regulatory regions in the world. The aim of CashFX is not only to provide you with a place where you can...

World leaders praise Trump’s economic policies, but some Americans hate it

On 22nd September, the Indian Prime Minister Modi was on his US tour and held a huge rockstar-like event in Houston - 'Howdy, Modi!'. Rare, President Trump too was a part of this event and addressed the public for almost half an hour receiving multiple standing ovations from a cheerful crowd of over 50,000 Indian-Americans. Speaking at the event, Modi...

In the UK, flying is now cheaper than trains

Choosing to fly rather than taking the train could save you hundreds of pounds as formulated by a new research. According to the research, it is because 60 per cent of long-distance journeys in Britain are cheaper by plane than rail. The analysis, carried out by the Times, showed that commuters could save up to £104 per return journey if they...