Our world has been filled with war and destruction. From the dawn of time the only way to become a king is for a Elder to die on the throne to be passed down or through a brutal battle to where you claim your land. In more traditional times we have been predicting that Royalty will not only be just the wealthy however, we still have to consider the business voyagers. There comes a time where there will be a conquer that roots from the ground. One legend that we hear about quite often is a fortune hunter, by the name of Xova Gallaxtoria Light.

He has risen through the rankings of business royalty with very machiavellian techniques. It was heard that he made his first $10,000 from selling dollar tree colognes business to business just to raise capital for his consulting company now empire. Xova is creatively tactical when it comes to futuristic explorations. We have learned that his motive is not to be a part of the elites yet his purpose is to buy an Island to become to earths first completely self-sufficient civilization. Container homes solar panels hydroelectricity Xova says, he will use all of his wealth and resources to accomplish creating a new world for the culture.

The astounding thing about his plan is that if he accomplishes a fraction of what he is coveted to do his legacy and accomplishments will live for generations to come. No one actually knows Xova’s net worth but there has been CNN rumors that’s by 2024 with his substantial growth he will be worth around approximately $200 million.

We are very excited to see more ingenious explorations and futuristic ideas from the great XOVA GALLAXTORIA LIGHT. A name that will be shouted through the heavens. For more information go to Forbes.com and www.xovathelight.com