Over the years, the entertainment industry has been a somewhat enclosed system that only a few can thrive compared to the high number of individuals who have tried and failed to make a mark in the industry. However, business establishments like Exzie are disrupting the entertainment industry, making it accessible to virtually anyone and everyone.

The projected revenue of the entertainment industry for 2021 is $2 trillion. Movie streaming is projected to generate $59 billion in revenue, while music streaming is expected to generate $29 million in revenue. There is no doubt that the entertainment industry is a highly profitable one. Exzie is here to give content creators equal opportunity to thrive in the entertainment industry.

What is Exzie, and How Does It Work?

Exzie is a business platform designed to help content creators like artists market their content directly to the world. Here, entertainment executives are matched with tested, approved, and marketable content. In addition, Exzie provides a system where content creators lease out their copyright in exchange for a lease fee for an agreed period.

All these are achieved through the following channels:

  • Exzie Launchpad

Exzie utilizes its Launchpad to create an application process that helps generate exclusively engaging and market-viable content.

  • Entertainment Executives

These executives create profiles on Exzie, to enable them to search for big and rising content creators in the entertainment industry.

  • Content Owners

These content owners lease out their copyright to executives for a stipulated period.

Once these three processes have taken place, Exzie manages, promotes, and distributes these contents on behalf of the entertainment executives. All generated income from streaming, licensing, and other sources are distributed monthly to lessees. At the end of the contract period, Exzie gives back the right of content to the lessor, the original content owner.

Different Ways Exzie Is Disrupting The Entertainment Industry

  • Equal opportunities to content creators irrespective of geographical location 

With Exzie, the Youtuber in Indonesia, the skit maker from El Salvador, the movie producer in Taiwan, or the musician in Mauritius can easily monetize their content with good access to the global market. Exzie is 100% distribution-driven, with a global network of distribution platforms.

  • Providing a pool of investors

Exzie is disrupting the monopolization of the entertainment industry by the record labels that have an exclusive right to artists. The platform makes it easy to invest with other entertainment executives according to your financial capacity. Exzie created what is known as a lease pool. Here, people can own the copyright to top movies and music albums for the agreed time duration. People can also own royalties on digital streaming, licensing, etc., for the duration they own copyright.

Closing Thoughts

Exzie is disrupting the entertainment industry by building the largest pool of Entertainment Execs. Although the project is yet to kickstart 100%, their model is one that will certainly revolutionize the entertainment industry.

Disclaimer: All views expressed and claims made are the author’s own. The Epistle News editorial board was not involved in the making of this article.