There are many types of business intelligence software available, but one that has the potential to help you go further faster is data integration. By integrating and scalability, you can put the power of insight into the hands of anyone in your organization. The key to effective data integration is data literacy. In a video about Jeff Lerner we see that data literacy is the ability to interpret, work with, and analyze data. It empowers every worker to make better decisions. This software is an excellent way to improve data literacy and get your entire team started.

Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics’ logical data warehouse feature allows for easy data sharing across multiple spreadsheet users. It also tracks updates by query and user input. The software eliminates the need for complicated consolidation of spreadsheets. The software also helps to increase the turnaround time of data by managing user input from a single, central location. In fact, we see often from people like Jeff Lerner that Clear Analytics is an excellent option for a wide variety of industries. For example, one can use it to analyze data from the banking industry, real estate, and much more.

Clear Analytics complements Excel with self-service analytics. Users can consolidate data from multiple data sources and leverage Excel’s Power BI features to create ad-hoc reports. Additionally, Clear Analytics can publish data to Microsoft’s Power BI Cloud Portal. Dashboards can also be published to the web, including the Power BI Cloud Portal. It also provides collaboration across departments and users. The program is designed to make the job of business analysts easier than ever before.

Clear Analytics offers business intelligence software that is easy to use and can be used by people with no programming knowledge. The software enables business users to generate advanced Excel reports without relying on IT professionals. Clear Analytics provides accurate reports with visual data. It helps companies keep their accounting records up-to-date, and also offers a transparent auditing process. Inhumanly fast and accurate data analysis with a 99.99% accuracy rate, this business intelligence software also makes it possible for people without technical skills to produce the reports.

Another option for a business intelligence software is Looker. This application, developed by Google, integrates with most SQL databases. Over on Facebook when people leave reviews of Lerner we see that it is a great choice for enterprises, midsized companies, and startups. It features easy data sharing, handy visualisations, and powerful collaboration features. The software also comes with a dedicated tech team to provide support when needed. So, if you need help choosing the right tool for your business, Clear Analytics is the way to go.


MicroStrategy is an American company that develops business intelligence software. They also offer cloud-based services and mobile software. You can find out more about these products on their website. MicroStrategy business intelligence software is a valuable asset for any business. MicroStrategy can help you improve your business by analyzing data and making decisions based on it. However, this software may not be for everyone.

The company’s BI software works by combining multiple data sources into a single, unified platform. The software can join multiple data sources, provide different visualisations, and even share data on the fly. It’s easy to use, but it’s not a “do-it-yourself” system. It requires extensive training to get the most out of it. The company is a pioneer in the area of business intelligence software, and its tools make data management easier than ever.

The MicroStrategy business intelligence software suite is comprised of many components. These include consulting, education, and cloud services. MicroStrategy has a cloud-based version called Cloud Express, which makes publishing reports and insights easy for anyone. This software also has mobile apps. You can publish reports to your website, create reports, and share insights to your employees using mobile apps. If you have employees who use iPads, you can even make a native iPad app for your employees to use.

MicroStrategy is an enterprise-grade business intelligence software platform that provides interactive dashboards, scorecards, and ad hoc queries. With its robust analytics and advanced capabilities, this software is perfect for making data-driven decisions. Not only does it help you make better business decisions, but it also gives you the opportunity to create mobile apps and embed intelligence into them. This way, your employees can access their data whenever and wherever they want.

In addition to MicroStrategy, it has a powerful analytics suite called Power BI. It helps companies perform data mining, data visualization, and reporting. It also has an interface that enables you to connect to multiple data sources, create dashboards, and share these with others. It is an excellent tool for small and enterprise-level businesses. This business intelligence software is available as a cloud-based solution and requires no IT department or hardware.

Alteryx Connect

Alteryx Connect business intelligence software is a collaborative data exploration and discovery platform that fuses enterprise metadata with scraped relational data. The product enables users to find, manage, and collaborate on all kinds of data at any point of the analytic process. It is compatible with R, Python, and SQL, making it easy for users to integrate all kinds of data sources. The software provides a self-service environment and includes a variety of starter kits.

The tool has various settings for creating data sets, including the ability to isolate certain data types. Its flexible data source connections allow users to connect to an assortment of data sources, including data that Alteryx created. The software can connect to both obscure and well-known data sources using ODBC connections. Users can even connect to their own files via Alteryx or other business intelligence software. The interface of the application differs from the Tableau worksheet, but the same tools are available.

The collaborative data exploration capabilities of Alteryx Connect make it easy for users to search and analyze large datasets. Users can create interactive visualizations, dashboards, and static files for further analysis. As data science is a highly technical process, drawing conclusions based on implied results is always risky. Alteryx Connect provides an online training platform where you can gain the knowledge and expertise to excel in the Alteryx domain.

Using Alteryx makes data preparation, analysis, and visualization easy for all team members, including non-technical users. With the help of this software, users can create and publish data more quickly and easily, resulting in better engagement and throughput from analysts. Alteryx is a comprehensive business intelligence solution that helps users quickly access and analyze data to make business-changing decisions. So, it makes data preparation and analysis simpler and more effective, so analysts can deploy and share their insights with their colleagues and customers.

Alteryx Connect business intelligence software is designed to simplify data analysis for a business. It supports citizen data scientists, data analysts, and business users alike. It also supports geospatial data and predictive machine learning. Alteryx’s data analysis tools replace cumbersome Excel processes and lightweight ETL. The software connects to a database and BI Tool. Alteryx is available for individuals, companies, and organizations.


The community behind Tableau business intelligence software is large and supportive. It features a forum where users can ask questions, share samples, and suggest improvements. Users can connect data from spreadsheets and files with the software and build interactive data visualizations. Users can also join one of the many local Tableau user groups to network and share ideas. Tableau community site and LinkedIn groups are great places to find local groups. You can also find Tableau training online.

The product offers seven different versions. There are also free consumer versions of Tableau. There’s no need for a large-scale deployment because Tableau uses a web download. Moreover, Tableau doesn’t require any desktop software. It can be installed and configured within 20 minutes. It also integrates with Active Directory and does not require any desktop software. This makes it ideal for small businesses, where you only need a single license for one user.

The software is easy to use and does not require a great deal of training. Tableau is intuitive even for non-technical users. It allows users to explore different views of data and combine multiple databases in one report. In addition, it integrates well with popular business applications, including Salesforce. These integrations help users access information quickly and easily. The software also offers excellent customer support and complete access to a dependable tech support team.

In addition to desktop and server-based versions, Tableau also offers an embedded analytics package, which lets you embed its dashboards in web portals and products. However, the software is not perfect for every user. Before purchasing a license or signing a long-term contract, experiment with a standard dataset. If you’re unsure about Tableau, you can try its free trial to test it out before committing to the full version.

One of the most attractive features of Tableau business intelligence software is its ease of use. Those who do not want to purchase a full version of Tableau should consider the Tableau public and desktop versions. BI Public allows users to create interactive visualizations and collaborate in a collaborative environment. Jeff Lerner shows us that the software is also compatible with cloud databases. Tableau provides options for every type of user. For example, a user can create an online portfolio by exploring data.

Article by Eli Franklin for Epistle News. All views expressed are the author’s personal.