TIENS Group will Become a Global Participant in the Future Massive Health Industry

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As announced proudly by TIENS Group’s Chairman Li Jinyuan in the Health Industry Development Forum of the Belt and Road in the Post-pandemic Era held in Tianjin, China, TIENS Group is poised to become one of main global participants in the future massive health industry.

With special experience and professional knowledge, China believes that it will play a critical role in the global health care and disease control field after the outbreak of COVID-19.

As one of sponsors of the Health Industry Development Forum of the Belt and Road in the Post-pandemic Era, TIENS Group, a leader in China’s health industry, has a brilliantly excellent positioning internationally. The global health industry development forum provides an opportunity for China and TIENS Group to present themselves to the international audiences. According to the reports, more than 1000 people, including important managers of relevant international organizations, experts and scientists in the field of health, researchers in the field of logistics and supply chain and representatives of enterprises, were present at the forum.

Li Jinyuan, a Chairman of TIENS Group, said proudly to reporters that “over the years, TIENS Group has been deeply advancing the construction of “the Belt and Road”, and focusing on investment increase and market expansion in countries along “the Belt and Road” with efforts. So far, TIENS Group has established branches in more than 110 countries and built up business markets in 224 countries and regions.” “What makes us more proud is that we both develop rapidly and go faster, and it is important for us to have an ability to improve the living conditions of more than 47 million families around the world and promote their living standards. We are able to facilitate the health business development, and help people obtain health and charm.”

TIENS Group has laid a solid foundation in Europe, and now hopes to further develop and grow. Some senior health service experts will further drive TIENS Group to fulfill its commitment of “Healthy Mankind and Social Service” through TIENS high-end experience stores and SPA  KARE Project in the future, while the speed is critical to the realization of lofty aspirations. Meanwhile, they plan to take advantage of Chinese enterprises’ leading position in E-commerce over the years, and realize the global marketing and replacement in virtue of global cross-border E-commerce platform + 5G community fission + KOL live broadcast for greater benefits.

Li Jinyuan added that TIENS Group, as a global health industry group, will continue playing a leading role in implementation of “the Belt and Road” and promoting the new success of construction of “the Belt and Road” as soon as possible. The Group will also develop the closer cooperation in fields such as massive health industry, cross-border E-commerce, international tourism and high-end experience store worldwide, better manage the relations in all areas, especially in sustainable development with commercial enterprises of different countries.