The online coaching industry has seen rapid growth in the past year. Many of these professionals rely on direct outreach through social media for client acquisition. If you’re messaging potential clients every day, but you are not getting a response or not a lot of people agree to a sales call with you, you might be committing to one or more of these mistakes that repel your ideal client. ⁣Adam Aslam, an experienced sixteen-year-old full-time student, but also a professional sales coach who was able to close 60,000 USD within his first month in sales shares which mistakes these are and how to properly fix them.

1.  Resistance to effective productivity: Maybe, you are sending messages to everyone without first scanning to see if these people could be a client. Maybe you are messaging the wrong crowd. For example, if you send a message to vegan people and try to sell the meat, the response will most likely not be as positive as you expect. But keep in mind, there is a difference between being selective and not being productive at all. You have to take action and send a number of messages every day. Your job is not to close every person you message, your job is to build relationships and credibility that lead to a sale.

2. Cold outreach without bait: Think about it, how many people talk to strangers online for no reason? Do you respond to every pitch you get from strangers online? Most likely no, so you have to learn how to reach out by building rapport. Don’t pitch them right away, build omnipresence and figure out if your product or service can actually serve the person behind the screen.

3. Don’t treat cold leads like hot leads: If you don’t know the person, why would they buy from you? They have to know, like, and trust you first. ⁣Focus on building strong relationships with your potential clients. Present yourself as a professional from the very beginning.

4. Remember to follow up: If they don’t respond to your first message, that does not mean it is a total “no”. People get busy and forget to respond, so follow up and get a response. According to the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of sales are made during the fifth to twelve contacts with a prospect.

If you are ready to build an effective strategy for your sales process, reach out to Adam and learn more.