Don Killam better known to his fans as Don Kilam is a wealthy entrepreneur and content creator, well known for being blunt yet a financial genius. The guru sent an IRS Form 1099 to a record label after signing a multi-million dollar deal with advance in toll. Public reports show that Don Kilam LLC sent the form to the record company for an undisclosed amount written in the agreement. The money in the agreements are for future arrangements & proceeds. The record label claims it is not held liable as the nominee yet once a 1099 form has been filed, the label must report it.

Don Killam turned this life experience into his new hit single titled “We Made It” and Don serves fresh hip-hop to the table. “We Made It” made an amazing impression to our whole staff feeding them a motivational spark to the day. In an area where hip-hop tends to create clones, this artist builds a new game.

The definition of the American Dream Don Killam seems to fit the old saying “Only in America”

Founder of https://DonKilam.Com

“We Made It” By Don Killam

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