World’s youngest NFT artist duo of eleven-year old Gayathri and her three-year old ‘sidekick’ sister Vaishnavi, are set to launch their NFT project ‘Kidthereum’.

NFTs are operated using the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies and have seen their popularity rise in the last couple of years. The rush of NFTs on the internet has even prompted Twitter to look into ways of verifying them for the benefit of buyers.

What really sets Kidthereum apart from an ocean of NFT projects is the fact that it consists of a collection ‘Pocket Pals’ that is the first of its kind to implement a dual reward system that creates actual increasing value.

Gayathri envisioned the project when she was just ten years old. The prodigy was assisted by her grandmother who gifted her with an iPad, allowing her to turn her scribblings to digital drawings.

“I live in Canada and my grandma came to visit us, she is from India, she saw my scribblings on pieces of paper, all around the house and have decided to create a platform for me, she bought me an iPad Pro and spent her every last dollar towards my project. I dedicate all my works to her. Thank you, grandma!”, wrote Gayathri on Kidthereum Elite Club’s website.

Kidthereum presents the world three different collections – all drawn by the eleven-year-old and her sister – Pocket Pals, Fabled Friends, and the Club’s Signature collection that has not been tipped off yet.

Minting of Pocket Pals starts on August 31st, 2022. This collection will grant access to the Kidthereum Elite Club. Apart from the Elite Club membership, the collection also offers staking, native ERC-20 token, merchandise and more.



Pocket Pals: