Being an independent artist has its own perks. One gets to create what they love without anyone interfering or trying to alter their it. In today’s time, we have a lot of independent music artists winning people’s hearts. Thanks to the internet, these talents can share their songs on various online platforms for music lovers to enjoy. RockstarRican, born as Romique Thompson, is a fantastic example of the same.

RockstarRican, Richmond, Virginia’s musician fell in love with music from a very young age. When he listens to songs, he feels a deep connection, and that’s exactly what happened years ago. Hence, he decided to be a musician and make songs that people will feel connected to.

RockstarRican(@ RockstarRican), is known as a touring artist. It means someone who tours at different places and records new songs. The artist feels that it helps him create better music as the compositions also derive from the place and people, when he is at a new location. He mostly loves making music early in the morning as he feels it is the most peaceful time of the day.

Like every artist, RockstarRican also had people who inspired him and made him believe that he can make a career in this field. When asked about them, the talented singer said, “My inspirations are Lil Baby, Lil Wayne and Drake. I love their work and how they have accomplished so much in their life purely based on their incredible talent. They have made all kinds of music which are hits. I also aspire to do the same.”

The musician aims to create more music this year.