There is a difference between being interested in something and staying committed to it. When a person is interested in doing something, one only takes the initiative of acting upon it when such becomes convenient. But when an individual is committed, they accept no excuses – only results – in one’s quest to achieve success. True enough, commitment leads to action, and the latter brings people closer to their dreams. And only those who see the power of commitment possess the capacity to live a life that fosters the fulfillment of one’s aspirations. Being a person who is fueled by passion and devotion, Eva Garzon shares that the first step towards attaining success is to dedicate oneself to making dreams become a reality. As one of the most sought-after powerhouses in the realms of real estate and brokerage, Eva Garzon brought out her tenacious spirit to embolden aspiring real estate brokers and spark growth in the community. Her blazing passion, coupled with an innovative flair, has ultimately enabled Eva to become one of the industry leaders in real estate and brokerage. Known for being passionate about her work, Eva Garzon began manifesting her love for property investment ever since she created a project about business and marketing during her last year in the university she graduated from. Eva poured her heart into the project and took it upon herself to create everything from scratch, including its logo and marketing strategies. And as time went by, she started to commit herself to her project and made everything a reality. Thus, The Grand Lion Real Estate Group came into existence. Passionately created by Eva Garzon, The Grand Lion Real Estate Group is a brokerage firm that sells and manages over $500 million worth of property assets. Based in Miami, Florida, it offers various services that give every client a personal and unique approach to property investment and management. Moreover, the company represents the wealthiest family offices in some parts of Latin America, such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina, and also some parts of Europe. But behind the company’s overarching prowess lies a founder whose unparalleled dedication has led The Grand Lion Real Estate Group towards the summits of success. Having been specializing in the real estate market since the year 2012, Eva’s extensive knowledge and strong negotiation skills have positioned her company among the top realtors across Miami. And because of her impeccable know-how and unmatched experience, the Grand Lion Real Estate Group has remarkably made bold strides across the industry. But when talking about successes, Eva would always owe much of its victories to the exceptional team she has in the company. According to her, this team who possess a similar passion-driven heart truly catapulted the firm towards the summits of success. In the coming years, Eva Garzon wishes that The Grand Lion Real Estate Group will broaden its horizons to more countries in the world, specifically in some parts of Spain. Through the magic of her team, coupled with her exceptional knowledge of the trade, the firm is well underway. To know more about Eva Garzon, you may visit her company’s website. This article first appeared on The Outlooker and has been reproduced with consent.