INJ Architecture embracing sustainability through organic architecture

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INJ Architecture has embraced sustainability as it leads an organic architecture transformation in the Middle East. Based in Saudi Arabia, INJ Architecture consultants have been working on the very latest architectural design standards for some of the Middle East’s most ambitious projects. In line with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision for sustainability and to transform its economy – INJ are pioneering new building standards that will shape the skylines of future cities. With their global expertise in architectural design, engineering, interior design and construction project management, INJ have been at the forefront of an emerging organic architecture shift that places people’s wellbeing at the heart of design. Organic architecture has been evolving over the last several years with nations seeking new building standards that create harmony with the local environment. This also includes finding solutions to make buildings adaptable to specific climates with design materials that can protect them from large temperature fluctuations, while providing habitants with designed spaces that provide tranquility and peace of mind. Speaking to Digital Weekday, Ibrahim Joharji, one of the industry’s leading architects said, “Embracing organic architecture has been an important part of INJ’s approach. We want to make sure that building standards are at the cutting edge while we prioritize sustainability.” Through the use of 3D printers, CAD, Grasshopper and a host of studio programs, INJ develops and conceptualizes designed spaces for residential as well as commercial property and public transport projects. Among notable international projects include a research and evaluation project for Chicago’s public transport stations, the planning for China’s new Xi’An train station and a new design for the Bin Darwish Tower in Saudi Arabia. Having developed its unique vision for building architecture, INJ is among the world’s leaders in engineering, creating new concepts that will become the standard in years to come. This article first appeared on Digital Weekday and has been reproduced with permission.