Men get used to everything, even to COVID-19. Because of fear and self-defence, society has reached a state where this virus, like a noisy fly, stands in the way of comfort, but nothing else. And the parties are on, the masks are off, testing is a thing of the past as also the horrific stories that people traveling to China upon arrival get tested through the anus.

But actually, this optimism is foolish and doesn’t have any scientific basis nor the historical experience that approves a behavioral change. Yes, some countries have developed a wide range of vaccines, and they argue about the effectiveness of them to get approval. The thing is, it’s not correct because the standard procedure of safety and quality control of vaccines must include clinic research for a longer and broader period than the current circumstances allowed. No one can assure for how long a vaccinated person is protected from the virus. Similarly, possible mid-term and long-term side effects are not known.

Also, all these waves are hard to logically understand. Some specialists mark a weakening of the second wave, others the beginnings of a third one. And let’s not forget about the constant changes of the virus, the formation of new variants. That means that the enemy is still at the gates, and it’s not waiting for a crack to open, but trying to go through them. Trying to destroy the weak defense that humankind has built-in in this short period. And I think the role of an inexpensive test for COVID-19 detection is extremely important, so is the serological test for antibody identification.

First of all, this deed will provide a wider database for a further understanding of the virus and how to fight it. At the same time, it will help to identify infected virus carriers and by that stop its spread. And this is not to mention that the serological testing will be able to help the patient know if he has developed immunity after being ill or vaccinated, or not. This will help to understand the behavior he must acquire in society.

In all of the said before, I would like to recommend the following:

  • It’s important to do COVID-19 antigen testing if you have been near the possibly infected person. It needs to be repeated 5-10 days later.
  • If you have already had Covid, it is recommended to do serological testing for antibodies 2-3 months later. After a positive response, it is recommended to repeat the procedure after 25-30 days.

Most of the time the samples for the laboratory testing of Covid-19 are taken from the nose or throat. This analysis is also called RT-PCR and demands special equipment and may take as long as 24 hours to obtain the results.

Express SARS-CoV-2 tests can give you a result on the spot, ideally 20-30 minutes after collecting the sample. This can help people at an early stage of infection to decrease the spread of the infection.

You wanted to know if express tests for coronavirus antigens and “on the spot” antibody tests are reliable and accurate? We answer – the tests are 98% accurate.

If you have further questions and for help with testing methods, turn to local professionals. Covid Tests Shop Phone: 1-215-907-3967; E-mail [email protected].

Disclaimer: this is a third-party commissioned article. The Epistle News editorial team was not involved in the drafting of the same. All views expressed are personal.