For the skincare connoisseur, Korean beauty – popularly known as K-Beauty – is unlike anything you’ll find at your ordinary drugstore.

At Palace Beauty, we strongly believe that K-Beauty products are the perfect way to uplevel your routine and achieve glowing results for your skin. If you have yet to experience the magic of these products for yourself, you’re going to want to keep reading. We’re sharing all about the benefits K-Beauty has to offer, as well as some helpful product suggestions, to kick off your new skincare journey.

The Benefits: Why We Love Korean Beauty

Benefit #1: K-Beauty formulas feature natural skin nourishing ingredients

In Korean skincare, incredible focus is given to choosing safe, effective ingredients that your skin loves, rather than a long list of aggressive additives that can be harmful. Featured ingredients include vital nutrients, natural brightening agents, floral waters, and botanical extracts that promote glowing skin, as well as gentle actives such as niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

Reason #2: K-Beauty skincare works well for all skin types

A key philosophy in K-Beauty is to keep things simple, so that there is no guesswork needed. Formulas are designed to be non-comedogenic, barrier supporting, and friendly for sensitive skin. Therefore, they tend to be appropriate for almost all skin types, and can be used to address everything from acne to aging, using only a few essential steps.

Reason #3: K-Beauty products are perfect for curating a custom routine

Although you may only need a few staples to create a complete skincare ritual, you may also find that you enjoy collecting an array of K-Beauty products according to your skin’s unique day-to-day needs. From the beautiful packaging, to the luxurious texture of each essence and elixir, they provide a unique user experience that sets them apart from other cosmetics.

The Best of K-Beauty: Our Favorite Brands

At Palace Beauty, you’ll find a wide selection of K-Beauty sourced for their efficacy, quality, and authenticity. To help you get started a few of our bestsellers include:

  • OHUI – Always innovative and backed by science, the products from OHUI are targeted to prevent and protect the skin against signs of aging. Products such as their Miracle Moisture Cream as well as advanced ampoules, provide you with a holistic, yet high-performance approach to skincare and beauty.
  • The History of Whoo – A global brand inspired by Korean Royal Culture, The History of Whoo combines modern science with ancient tradition to infuse every product with a touch of the exquisite. The collection includes everyday essentials such as oil cleanser and rejuvenating creams, but also pampering products such as a contouring massage kit, and gold concentrate mask.
  • SU:M37 – The secret behind SU:M37 is a proprietary process that entails carefully fermenting ingredients, in a time and temperature-controlled fashion, in order to optimize results. You can choose from a variety of specialized sets according to your skincare goals, or find your own must-haves amongst their many standalone options.

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