Benefits of Learning Online Instead of in a Classroom

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To some, it may seem a little strange to learn online instead of in a face to face classroom. While the goal of learning a second language is to be able to have a face to face conversation with a native speaker, learning online may be the best and quickest means to reach that goal. Here’s why:


If someone wants to exercise more and get in shape, they are probably more likely to do it if their gym is right next door than if their gym is a half an hour drive away, right? The same goes for learning a second language. A certain level of convenience can be crucial when it comes to staying on track to reaching your goals. When learning online, all you have to do is go to your computer and login for your class. You don’t have to leave your house, find a babysitter, sit in traffic, or worry about any of those annoying hassles that come with traveling to a classroom. Your classroom is wherever you want it to be– in your house, at the coffee shop, or at the park. It can also be whenever you want it to be- during your lunch break, before work, or on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Many people become discouraged when learning a new skill because they are nervous of what everyone else thinks of their ability. Or, some people are just shy in general and don’t do great in new situations. if you are learning a second language you will eventually have to overcome these nerves, because eventually you will have to speak in a situation where you may not feel entirely comfortable. However, learning online is the perfect solution for those who don’t feel comfortable jumping right into the deep end. You can find a professor whose personality meshes well with yours and and who will create the laid back environment you need to make learning the language as stress free as possible. Take a free level test here and see where you really are in terms of your language skills. You´ll be surprise and a great desire to practice a second language well immediate give you te confidence that you need to start with this new adventure.

Learning pace and interest

Ever have to take a class that you found to be completely boring but your friend found to be totally exciting? Or ever take a class where in some sections you were able to breeze through while in others you felt you could barely keep up? This is something that can happen in classroom learning environments, and it can be detrimental to learning a second language. A major benefit to learning online with GOTALKTO is that you get to set the pace and you get to decide what topics you want to cover. Are you learning English, Spanish or French for work and therefore really need to focus on business terminology? Do you love cooking and want to learn a lot of food vocabulary in Spanish, English or French? Do you find vocabulary words easy to learn but struggle with pronunciation? In a classroom, it can be difficult to cater to these specific needs, as everyone’s needs will be different. However, if you choose to learn a second language online, your professor can and will tailor an online course that fits your learning style and focuses on strengthening your weak points.

Learning with a Native speaker

This is probably the most important aspect of learning a second language online. If you sign up for a class in your area, there’s a good chance that the teacher may not be a native speaker. Learning Spanish, English or French from a native speaker is essential for mastering the language. At GOTALKTO all of the teachers are native speakers, so you can rest assured that you are learning accurate pronunciation and first hand cultural aspects of the language which are crucial to become fluent in English, Spanish or French.

You may feel like you don’t have enough time in your day to learn a second language, but with online classes, there is really no excuse. Everyone has a few hours in the week to spare. Undoubtedly, you want to make the most of your time learning English, Spanish or French, signing up for a free class with GOTALKTO will give you the chance to make sure that the class meets your needs before paying a lot of money. There is no harm or risk to signing up for the free trial class, so do it today!

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