Chrissotino Launches His First NFT Collection ‘Ibiza View Club’

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Zurich-based artist renowned Christian Dürr, known by his pseudonym Chrissotino, launched his first NFT collection on Saturday, 18th June, titled ‘The Ibiza View Club’.

Chrissotino, who is a known name among the European art community, has previously exhibited his paintings at galleries across Europe. His NFT project is unique and has a limit of 1001, and they also benefit the real world.

Chrissotino’s entry to the world of NFTs has been facilitated by the Ibiza View Team. The project is championed by a team of visionaries and entrepreneurs dedicated to the innovation and celebration of Ibiza.

The success of this collection will allow the community to participate in a luxury vacation in Ibiza without compensating financially. Additionally, these NFTs remain versatile assets that will hopefully appreciate to a value of over 2 ETH.

However, what really separates it from other NFT projects of its kind apart from the artistic differences is the impact it makes on the real world that we live in. As the collection’s project states “The success of this collection of will allow the community to partake in luxury vacation in Ibiza without compensating financially.”

The project also has many galleries partnering with it. The project partners include the Thomson Fine Art Gallery and Urbanside Gallery among others. The entire project is multi-phased with four different phases of planning, development, and the road ahead.

Links and references to the Ibiza View Club have been provided at the end of this article.


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