We have all heard the stories of people striking it rich in crypto.

Sometimes it’s luck, sometimes it’s a story about coins left in a forgotten wallet and sometimes it’s about hard work and due diligence.

Sometimes though, the best stories are really pathways of insight, priceless information that you shouldn’t ignore and should thirst to obtain.

It has become a rare occasion, when a well-to-do investor reaches out to new investors to share his story and idea of helping others achieve the same success.

These rare occurrences are often kept behind a paywall or only accessible with a paid subscription. Fees and costs like these often leave a tremendous amount of new investors in the dark, especially when it comes to learning the skills and abilities needed to really be successful in this market.

Opportunities to learn trading insight and the skills associated in this market often pass by new investors without even a second glance. Many new investors are simply not up to speed or simply unaware of these opportunities to learn and watch traders work. New investors might even feel that they have a better strategy or believe their past experiences playing the stock market is enough.

While some people plainly just don’t care for Crypto Whales and have zero interest in what they have to say or offer other traders as insight. (Anyone can claim to be a whale in crypto and mislead people into scams and dead-end buys.) This is why many people ignore the claims of so-called Crypto Whales, especially on Twitter.

I started following Bull of Binance Street on Twitter, to learn a little more about his strategies.

I will admit that I’m not much of a whale watcher, but that was until I started talking with BBS.

All of us could learn something from this trader. This is why I felt like writing about my experience with Bull. Perhaps others can benefit from watching the trades he is doing and the insight he often offers.

Binance is a very volatile blockchain, with many risk factors when it comes to making wise investments into projects utilizing Binance. Afterall, it doesn’t take much to launch a rug pull or worthless token on Binance Smart Chain and rip off new investors.

Luckily, we have projects like ANON BSC to give us a helping hand researching in depth into contracts and wallet addresses. If you take a tool such as ANON BSC and pay attention to traders like Bull with a good track record, you could possibly not only learn what to look for and when to make the right trades, but learn & benefit from the behavior of a trader who has made great gains with his investment strategies.

These types of investors, like Bull, who are willing to help others achieve the same success, aren’t just a rarity, but a true priceless and unique opportunity. A real gem to be honest that many of us could capitalize on. I know I have.

Why watch Bull of Binance Street?

The real question is, why not?

Serious question, what can you lose from watching someone else trade? If you only spend a short period of time, not money “watching” someone else make trades on certain currencies and projects? The answer? Nothing.

The idea here is simple and it doesn’t cost you a penny out of pocket.

All you need to do is what I did, pay attention to what BBS is doing. Watch what he is buying and selling on a daily occasion and basically, play along. Sooner or later you might find yourself duplicating his strategies.

Plus, you know what is really cool? The fact that you don’t need to be a whale or have vast amounts of capital to play along. You just need to pay attention to start and then if you can’t ignore the gains or the calls he is making, toss a small amount at some of his calls.

Start out small and work the information he can provide. That is really the main core idea behind what you can achieve watching this whale, you do not need to be wealthy to learn and grow from someone else’s examples.

Whale watching isn’t anything new and people do benefit greatly when using common sense, doing their own research (DYOR) and staying updated on the trends of the market, while hooked into the dealings of someone as astute as BBS.

Obviously as you can see with these images, Bull has made some great choices here and you could have followed this, watched it play out and did the same.

Again as you see here, Bull has again capitalized with a smart move that could have made you more gains too. This is what I was trying to get across to my readers, this is the point of Whale Watching, learning and gaining from their moves.

Bull of Binance Street isn’t perfect and is still human, for now anyways. I heard he is getting metal legs with his fortunes though, you know, like JP in Grandma’s Boy, only BBS doesn’t buy his clothes from the Matrix, he just owns the Matrix.

Follow Bull of Binance Street on Twitter

Learning from watching someone make great gains is just a small piece of becoming a better investor in this market. There are plenty of Whales strutting their stuff from different markets. Ethereum Whales, Bitcoin Bears, Link Lions, Poly Unicorns and Nano Ninjas are out there but there’s only one Bull of Binance Street. As I said… don’t ignore a rarity of such enormous potential, gain from it.

Market and Project Insight like this is priceless. Knowing how long he’s been rocking his portfolio?

One of the best things about Bull is that he isn’t afraid to help smaller projects. Like myself, he enjoys helping people make wise choices and introducing people to projects and opportunities that come across our paths. It isn’t about just raking in big gains and blowing off everyone else. There is a small percentage of people who believe that we can all benefit from one another in this space and are willing to contribute to the whole of crypto as a supporter of Blockchain.

While we all have our particular beliefs and tastes in projects and different blockchains, Bull has his eyes set on the Binance Chain as his center of focus and that arena itself is a huge growing ecosystem of immense potential. Having a guide or resource like BBS is an asset to anyone involved in BSC investments.

Take a look into his feed and ask yourself – What can I learn from the Bull of Binance Street?

The answer? Everything you need to know about crypto and beyond.

Thank you for reading, please as always conduct your own due diligence into any investment opportunity and invest at your own risk.

(DisclaimerI am NOT a Financial Advisor. Everything you read in this article was and is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be misconstrued as financial advice. You should always consult a financial advisor before investing in any investment opportunity and conduct your own due diligence in respect to how you evaluate risks and losses. Always do your own research into any project mentioned in my articles and invest at your own risk.