Ostarè’s New Single ‘Show’em What You’ve Got’ is a Healing Banger

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Ostarè, the multifaceted French-American singer and songwriter, hooks us once more with her new release, ‘Show’em What You’ve Got’. The new inspiring single is now out on all major music platforms.

‘Show’em What You’ve Got’ hits home right away with easy-to-follow lyrics that stand out with aplomb. Ostarè manages to bring a new element to the forefront. Furthermore, her vocals sound reinvigorated, with her tones leaving us gripped to her every note!

‘Show’em What You’ve Got’ kicks things off, Ostarè’s voice leaping to the top in an instant, and she takes us on a voyage from the start, not bringing us back down until her final number. The overture’s pulse swells with infectious cadence, and she delivers a poignant narrative.

The music is intriguing. Moreover, as the track proceeds, we hear a variety of unique elements that, on paper, appear to be a bit dubious. However, everything comes together brilliantly in the mix, and the drums pulse away with powerful cadence and synergise well with the dreamy pop synth loops and compelling bass grooves.

One of the reasons why this track hits so close to home is because of the story behind it. Ostarè went through a life-changing event that transformed her. She ended up cutting her hair, donating it to children with hair loss. Knowing that there are little girls wearing wigs donated to them, gave her joy.

The song aims to inspire people to embrace who they become through life challenges. Emphasizing them to be their authentic self, pealing the layers of the past, and unleash who they are.

With ‘Show’em What You’ve Got’ and ‘God Loves a Woman’ which released last year, Ostarè proves with her awe-inspiring music that she’s more than a recording artist. She’s dedicated to inner-healing and her music pushes people to look inside, rediscover themselves.

“No one can tell you who you are, there is only one authentic version of you,” says Ostarè. “You know and you have a mission – don’t get discouraged. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The single was released on 15th February worldwide and the music video was released globally today. Watch it here:

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