Giovanni Corpus started his Journey at the age of 12 when he came to New York City from the Philippines along with other members of his family. While Corpus was growing he was told to search his fate in the medical field and so he earned proper grades to land a Cum Laude in Medgar Evers College. Corpus got into a doctorate of Pharmacy Program but left it after one year when he realized that this is not the field for him. After leaving the doctorate program Giovanni Corpus tried his luck in business specifically real estate which turned out to be pretty well for him. Corpus came in the business field, he saw and he conquered. Corpus aspires to be among the leading entrepreneurs of the country and take his business ventures to the next level. Corpus has invented four companies all of them work in a different and innovative fields. Similarly, Corpus set foot in the Logo designing with a team of professional logo designers that helped different organizations in getting the perfect brand recognition in the market and attract consumers using perfect logos. The professional team of The Brand Logos uses innovative color schemes that help their logos to stand out from the crowd. Moving forward, in the form of LETITFLYNYC, Corpus provided its consumers with the attitude needed to grow in the fast-evolving world. LETITFLYNYC works on the aim of ‘If It Doesn’t apply, Let it Fly.. .’ LETITFLYNYC represents the personal ideology of Corpus that one can easily turn his goals and dreams into reality with the right kind of attitude. Now, Giovanni Corpus has launched a call center that will provide premium and innovative service to its consumers. Premium Call Solutions is expected to become one of the leading call center service providers with a zeal to transform the call center industry. Now how the Premium Call Solutions is different from other call centers already working? First of all, Premium Call Solutions helps business owners by performing tasks that involve incoming and outbound calls so that the organization could focus on closing deals instead of worrying about the calls. Premium Calls Solutions take the load and perform the task with excellence and quality results. Moving on, Premium Call Solutions has a professional team that focuses on understanding the goals and needs of consumers so that a perfect strategy could be devised that will focus on proper marketing, optimize usage and drive better business. Interestingly, all of this comes at a very affordable price that you will not find anywhere in the industry. The efficiency of Premium Call Solutions could be summed up in four points that are:
  • Simple, safe, fast, easy, and more cost-effective
  • Proven best and innovative practices
  • Combination of High-tech with Innovative practices
  • Digital Transformation by leveraging technology, analytics, and process excellence
Premium Call Solutions is your one-stop-shop for the extraordinary service that offers you a network of competencies and assets. The ambition of Giovanni Corpus is sure to make Premium Call Solutions one of the leading Call solution centres in the country. Follow their Instagram: @premiumcallsolutions Linkedin: Facebook: @premiumcallsolutions Follow Giovanni’s Instagram: @giocorps