CashFX – The First Step of Your Forex Trading Journey, We Trade You Earn Passively

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CashFX is a reputable, transparent, and regulated forex trading platform created and backed by a team of experts who specialize in financial markets. Users can both trade and learn on the forex platform, which is approved in multiple regulatory regions in the world. The aim of CashFX is not only to provide you with a place where you can trade but to teach you how to become a successful trader as well.

In the past decades, the Forex market has served as a great point of accessibility for new retail investors willing to participate in the global financial landscape. Today, trading is easier than ever. Everyone who is willing to invest their time by learning to trade can increase their monthly cash flow in no time. Moreover, fees have been so greatly reduced in recent years that you are almost spending none of your capital on Forex platforms.

The Cash Forex Group (CashFX) follows the same path and with only one goal: turn inexperienced individuals into expert traders capable of living off Forex trading. CashFX features a Professional Academy Program where new users have the ability to join the family and improve their financial lives by honing their skills.

The platform’s corporate offices are located in Panama City, Panama. The brokers partnered with CashFX are regulated by several regulatory agencies, including the FCA, DFSA, FSA, and FSCA. This ensures a completely safe and legal trading environment in which retail traders can participate.


To provide a clearer overview of how newcomers can earn on CasFX, we will discuss aspects that make the foundation blocks of the platform. First, we will describe how the Academy Program works and how users can be rewarded by investing their time and money.

Learning to trade on CashFX

As we previously explained, CashFX is a regulated, transparent, and reputable Forex trading platform where users can safely trade. The platform owes its success to a diverse team of trading professionals and educators. Additionally, the platform itself is based on native algorithms and AI trading technologies.

The most important feature and service on CashFX is the Academy Program. The course is divided into three unique series. Traders are able to unlock specific sections of the trading curriculum with trading contracts. Since the program is progressive, a single trading contract will always lead to the next step in your trading journey.

First, new users have the chance to become informed about the world of Forex trading through the Elemental Series program. There, you can learn what a retail trader is, how he trades, what the basic concepts and terms in forex trading are, and much more.


After completing the first section, you can finally begin your real trading journey by starting the Supreme Series. This series features the core and most fundamental technique that professional traders utilize. Here, you will upgrade the knowledge you have acquired in the Elemental Series so that you can become comfortable to trade for the first time.

Finally, there is the Advanced Professional Series. This is the final and most knowledge-infested series in the Academy Program. After completing this section you will be closer to becoming a professional trader. Here, you can learn how an expert trader thinks, how he behaves in the market, and how to master the most advanced Forex techniques.

Trading Contract Prices

The prices for the trade contracts through which you can access the Academy Program are quite affordable. The first contracts in the Elemental Series start at only $300. 30% ($90) is spent on the academy pack while the rest ($210) will be transferred to your trading account. Once you make your first profits in the Forex market you have the ability to stay within the original bracket or upgrade your account.

The next trading contract costs $500, with 30% ($150) being moved to your academy pack. Likewise, there are two more trading contracts in the Elemental Series that cost $1,000 and $2,000 respectively. The same mechanism for trading accounts and academy packs apply.


The more advanced Supreme Series hosts the next section of the Academy Program and the pricing function works in the same way as the first series. 30% of the trading contracts are spent on your Academy Pack while the rest is transferred to your CashFX trading account. This series offers three unique trading contracts. They cost $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000.

The last and most professional Advanced Professional Series also hosts three trading contracts. It unlocks the very last sections of the Academy Program. Here, you have the chance to invest in $30,000, $50,000, and $100,000 trading contracts. Just like in the previous trading contracts, 30% of the total price is invested in your Academy Pack. You can use the rest for trading.

CashFX Reward Systems

New traders can further maximize the money they earn on the platform through the CashFX Reward Plan. Essentially, traders can double and potentially quadruple their profits with the help of two unique features that cannot be found on any other forex platform. The reward plan builds upon your existing trading and team-building skills in the following ways:

The first feature allows you to earn Bear Capital by purchasing any trade contract on CashFX. By passively participating in the financial markets you can earn double the rewards of your trade contract value.


The second feature leverages your team-building skills and rewards you with Bull Capital. For every new person that you introduce to the trading platform and purchases a contract, you will once again double the value of your own trading contract.

You can further build upon your communicative skills through the Leadership Program. The program rewards you with PV points which you earn from expanding your team (GPV). This allows you to increase your rank in the program and unlock new reward plans.

Trading, Withdrawals, and Additional Bonuses

Your trading results are calculated on a daily basis, which you can withdraw at the end of the trading week. There is a hard Trade Earning Cap set in place which limits you to earning a maximum of 15% per each trading week. However, do note that the previously mentioned reward plans (Bear Capital and Bull Capital) contribute to your weekly earnings.

As previously mentioned, each trading contract spends 30% of the total value on an academy pack.  100% of the value spent on academy packs is in return invested in the CashFX reward program. Every time you buy a pack, 50% of the total value is paid as a ‘Fast Start’ bonus while the other 50% is invested in the UNI-LEVEL bonus.

Fast Start bonuses are granted each time you refer a new trader to the CashFX platform. In return, the money you earn from both the Fast Start and UNI-LEVEL bonus will contribute to your Bull Capital, which again, doubles the rewards of your trading contract.

As for the 50% UNI-LEVEL bonus, this part contributes to your personal referral program through which you can earn additional commissions. As the group of people you have referred grows, you progress to new sections in the Leadership Program. These rewards start at Level 1 and can grow as long as you attract new members to the platform. There is no hard cap on the number of people you can invite, resulting in the potential of earning infinite growth. Note that this feature also contributes to your bull capital.

Another special feature on CashFX is the Forced Matrix 3X10. Every time a new member joins the CashFX platform and purchases a trading contract he will join the Forced Matrix. Here, he can further progress and earn even more rewards. Essentially, a residual Matrix bonus is paid based on the 20% withdrawal fee CashFX has. Since both passive Bear Capital participants and active Bull Capital participants withdraw assets, both of these user categories can profit from the Forced Matrix bonus.


Basically, the 20% withdrawal fee CashFX charges is divided into three categories for bonuses. There is a 50% Matrix bonus, a 10% matching matrix bonus, and a 40% leadership rank bonus. The platform featured this system to provide users with a residual reward system for all loyal users and team builders that build upon the CashFX platform.

For every new investor that you personally invite, you will earn rewards. But even if the case that you have never referred anyone, you will still earn rewards through this residual reward system. But do note that users are incentivized to team build on CashFX as the rewards for personal referrals are much higher.

This referral team building system also builds upon the Leadership Program, which should be your end goal. A variety of different levels unlock rewards that you can earn and contribute to your trading experience. The more people you invite, the higher rewards you will earn. As previously explained, this can lead to infinite growth as there is no limit to how many people you invite to CashFX. Successful team builders can entirely rely on referring new people in their CashFX journey, but it is still recommended that they actively trade.

Why Is It So Important to Trade?

Users who actively trade will define their success for years to come. Active trading is a fundamental process in which market participants have to engage in to hone and improve their skills. While the Academy Program and education programs help you in your trading journey, most of the things you learn will come from entering positions and trading real money.

Note that trading does not equal guaranteed success. Most experts reveal that they have initially struggled when first starting to trade. However, their mistakes have after several months turned them into professional traders who know exactly when to enter a trade and when to exit it. On that account, it is important to keep in mind that most of your skills will derive from real-life trading experience where you risk real money.

Some people in the Forex industry recommend newcomers to begin with paper trading. Paper trading is a form of learning mechanism where investors ‘trade on paper.’ Every position that you open and exit will be written down no matter the result. This method improves your skills while keeping risk at 0. Furthermore, it helps you utilize technical analysis and figure out how your trading system or plans work out in real market conditions.


Do note that paper trading is not the best solution for people who are new to Forex. In the end, nothing can replace the mindset that you build when risking by placing real money in your positions. As a result, you will become more mindful about preserving your capital and being risk-averse when market situations are unclear. So, if you decide to join the Cash Forex Group and buy a trading contract, it is important to not rely too much on paper trading or referrals and see for yourself how you manage to handle both risk and markets.


CashFX is a highly-rewarding forex trading platform where users can not only participate in the global market but learn about trading as well. The platform features an Academy Program consisting of three educational series that teaches you anything starting from the basics to professional technical analysis methods.

Apart from learning, users can invest in trading contracts that contribute both to their account balance and the various reward systems that CashFX offers. Withdrawals are capped to 15% per week to enable consistent profits and all trading contracts can be doubled via the Bull and Bear Capital. Furthermore, you can earn more by teambuilding and referring CashFX to new people.

All-in-all, the Cash Forex Group is a highly transparent, safe, and regulated company that seeks to improve your financial life with education programs and sophisticated trading features. You can check out the reputation of the trading platform by viewing the Cash FX Group testimonials. If you are interested in finally starting your trading journey, you can do so directly from this article by joining through the following link.


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