Man Beats & Abuses Pregnant Wife & Children During Fortnite Stream

A Twitch streamer ‘MrDeadMoth’ can be heard beating his wife with screams of his wife and children coming from the background.

In a shocking live stream seen by hundreds of people on Twitch, a video gamer who goes by the name of ‘MrDeadMoth’ can be heard bashing and swearing on his wife when she interrupts him during a Fortnite match. Screams of a crying child can be heard in the video too.
The video was posted by a Twitter user ‘j♡ck‘ on Twitter and later shared by thousands of people including popular Internet figures like Keemstar across social media platforms.

The full context of the incident is still unclear however, Keemstar, on Twitter posted that both the man and woman have been charged by police. No official confirmation can be collected at this point.
Another Twitter user ‘Cylints’, who has been sharing regular updates on the situation, posted that the streamer’s wife has been “getting threats from random people online saying horrible things when she was the victim”.
The Twitter videos have been linked at the end of this article.
Holy fuck you need to be put down like a sick dog, woman bashing scum bag. @MrDeadMoth

— j♡ck (@RevvOCE) December 9, 2018

another video of him, being the great father figure he is. calling his daughter a cunt, and saying “dont give me that attitude” when all the kid was saying was “dadda” trying to get his attention

— ayu (@ayyuuoo) December 9, 2018