Stankevicius Group CEO Paulius Stankevicius confirmed on 25.1.2021 that the group will be incorporating a digital bank by Q1-Q2 and by Q3 the bank will provide digital asset index investment option for professional investors.

Stankevicius Group digital asset bank will provide clients with professional terminal trading solutions and variants including and but limited to leverage and derivates such as futures and OTC spot trading options for digital assets.

The bank will be mainly focused around digital assets and will only provide digital asset related solutions. Clients and investors will be able to invest and purchase options with regular fiat money.

Bank will not only provide electronic and offline trading solutions but also investment banking services, financial intermediary services, and public listing services.

Stankevicius Group already now accepts client interests for investment options in the bank and investment and trading services.

Stankevicius Group consist of Stankevicius MGM,, professional public relations, investor relations & advertising firm, and Stankevicius International,, due diligence and secure contracting firm.

To learn more about digital asset index investment options send inquiry to [email protected]