The protestors have raised the banner on Red Fort that has all the earmarks of being the Sikh Flag. Viciousness has emitted all over Delhi after the protestors entered from courses that were not allowed by the Delhi Police. A few police staff have been harmed, and there are reports that they attempted to run work vehicles over the police faculty. Video of attacking one lady police work force has likewise arisen.

The nonconformists were halted from entering Delhi as the farm hauler rally started in front of the time conceded for it. The Delhi Police had permitted the farm vehicle rally to occur from early afternoon to 5 PM. In any case, when the dissidents powerfully attempted to enter the capital, Delhi Police endeavored to convince the ranchers to start the convention according to design – that is after the finish of Republic Day march. In spite of a solicitation by the Police, nonconformists by walking and on work vehicles with public banners and banners of ranchers’ association walked towards Delhi, raising trademarks and vandalizing the blockades and different obstructions. Even after clear guidance, that no banners aside from the Tricolor will be utilized, the ranchers put banners of the associations as well as walked with banners on bicycles.

As the nonconformists entered Delhi, visuals show that the dissenters are vandalizing transports and irritating Police faculty. Close to ITO, a transport was vandalized and the ranchers redirected their course. Blockades close to Red Fort are vandalized and a video shows a farm truck being driven by protestors in max throttle towards the police work force attempting to stop them. Visuals additionally show that ranchers are conveying sticks, regardless of the Delhi Police roundabout expressing it obviously that they are not permitted to convey any weapon.