CiPCoin is a concurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator. that can be sent from a user to another user on the peer to peer network without the need for intermediaries. All of the users have a public notebook. All CiPCoin information have been saved, logged via an architecture that’s based on blockchain. CiPCoin like other cryptocurrencies was invented by an anonymous person or group. CiPCoin has been created to ease the flow of money. CiPCoin can be used to purchase other currencies, product and services. For its usage in the deal and low cost of transmission has been noted. CiPCoin operates out of geographical limitation and political boundaries.

When Bitcoin was created, new jobs emerged. Jobs such as digital currency trading and mining.

Digital currency trading is quite similar to trading currencies like dollars, pounds and of course, digital currencies are a coincidence. The issue of digital currencies is also a new business. A business that has never existed before.

But businesses have been able to make the most of this new job. They were the first to take the risk of investing in new jobs, but they also made huge profits. Not always the first to win, but in the case of the Mining, they were the winner

Minning has had a lot of trouble, but miners have earned a lot of money and still has many applicants for the new job. In less than 10 years a new trend of income grew, and now many have become wealthy.

We should always be up to date. Waiting for new situations, situations that have been answered and can count on.

Yes, another new job has been created by CiPCoin (CIP). A job that can change your business. You will notice this now, but almost all the inhabitants of the earth are unaware of it. So pay attention. People can transfer digital currencies to each other, but each transfer takes a long time. For example, suppose you want to transfer one bitcoin to another, the minimum time required for this transfer is 10 minutes. This means your money is transferred to another person after at least 10 minutes. Now imagine that you are going to make an online purchase. For example, you want to buy a movie ticket or book a plane ticket or even buy a shirt. What happens in this case?

How can you buy something online when the minimum time required to transfer money is 10 minutes?

There is currently no possibility of selling cinema tickets through a digital exchange, as in 10 minutes a cinema seat may be sold many times.

It’s also about the plane ticket. Even if you want to buy a shirt, it’s not clear how many others are eager to buy that shirt at the same time. Up until now, it is not possible to shop online just like debit or credit cards.

But this problem is solved by one person. Who is he? He is a CIP – Coin Internet payment gateway broker. The person who accesses the buyer’s wallet information and confirms the presence of the desired amount in the buyer’s wallet at the moment of the online purchase. The seller then sends a message to the seller confirming the buyer, and enough confirmation for the seller. The seller can then provide them with plane tickets, movie tickets, shirts or any other goods and services they need. And all these steps will only happen in a fraction of a second. Just a fraction.

In exchange for the services that the CIP Coin brokers offer online payment gateway to the seller and buyer, he receives a percentage of the purchase. The whole process will happen automatically, and this is the new job that has been added to the business list. A full-time job that depends on the applicant’s initial effort and communication

An Internet payment gateway broker is the person licensed to receive CIP Coin in accordance with its rules and regulations. After receiving the relevant license, the internet payment broker negotiates with the online store and activates the relevant port for the stores and then earns each port as an oil well.

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