Moving to Israel

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Often known for its booming diamond and raw material industry, Israel is also a major migratory attraction for people from various countries like the US, UK, Germany, and Russia. Not only does Israel provide a high standard of living to its residents, but it is also known for offering lucrative job opportunities to ex-pats seeking work in technology and service industries. Owing to such factors, moving to Israel might be a great option for people who desire advancement in their careers as well as social lives.

Healthcare, Education, and Food Production Systems

Israel has a universal healthcare system that demands mandatory participation of Israeli residents in a medical insurance plan. In a multi-country survey conducted in 2013, Israel’s healthcare was ranked 4th in the world in terms of efficiency. The Israeli education system also offers a comprehensive approach to learning and is broken down into 3-tiers: primary education, middle school, and high school. Owing to its giant technology/raw material industry, the country requires a skilled workforce that has extensive knowledge of mathematics & science. As a result, a good percentage of the Israeli population has completed at least some form of tertiary education. In 2012, it was estimated that around 46 percent of 25-to-64-year-olds in Israel had attained tertiary education. Although the country has little agricultural land, it produces around 70% of its own food requirements. Such a feat is made possible by the incorporation of innovative technologies into its agricultural sector.

Social Welfare and Tax Systems

The Israeli government has spent generous sums on bettering social welfare schemes in the country. Between 2016 and 2017, the country increased its spending on social welfare by about 9%. This is great news for immigrants seeking to become residents of Israel, as they too can enjoy these benefits upon attaining citizenship. Moreover, there are special tax incentives being offered to new immigrants in order to encourage aliyah. Due to these social welfare/tax benefits, it is much easier for immigrants moving to Israel to live a financially secure life.