Andy Kong with Tai Lopez

It’s amazing how games like Minecraft can inspire people like yourself to take things to another level and build a business around it, What were your initial thoughts when it happened and your afterthoughts of building NuclearNode LLC?

When I was building NuclearNode, I just did it because I thought it would be cool to own a hosting company as owning a server wasn’t going to get me anywhere. This way I could network with Minecraft YouTubers by offering them free servers. I never thought it could make more than just my lunch money.

Andy Kong designs skinz

Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them?

I’ve experienced plenty of failures throughout my entire ventures. It’s kind of hard to narrow down but I just keep googling and find the resolution.

How long did it take you to wrap your head around E-Commerce?

I’ve been in the e-commerce field at a young age from working in my family restaurant, and its always changing every 2-3 months. Nothing is ever the same, you just have to educate yourself and keep up to date.

How Did You Build Your Team?

I found my virtual assistants from Virtual Staff and from there we worked together and established a close business relationship. Luckily enough when we created the Project Wifi company, my virtual assistant, Joseph knew lots of people in our niche and we expand quickly in the Philippines.

How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt?

This may sound cringe but the mindset is everything. I’ve always said to myself, imagine it, and it’ll happen.

What social media platforms do you like using the most? and where can we
follow you?

I mainly used Instagram and Tiktok for fun. @andyvonde