If we think about it, all successful brands have a logo that represents their business. While important, a logo is not all you need for your branding to be successful. Logos are a way to stand out and be recognized for your product or services. For example, Tesla or Coca-Cola, both have a logo that cannot be missed, but each logo is actually followed by a remarkable brand story. In reality, a logo is not as important as your brand message and you expand your message not with a pretty logo or website, but by telling a good story. Everybody is always more connected to the story and vision behind a company than anything else. Knowing how to tell your story is what you actually need in order to build a successful brand. 

What is branding then? 

A lot of businesses today when they think of branding, they think of pretty colors, logos, websites that can represent exactly what they do, but branding is actually not just your logo. Your brand is the story behind what you do, your mission, your core values, the people you help, your employees, and simply, the entire ecosystem within your company. 

Although a catchy website, a good marketing strategy, the way you communicate, and the way you catch people’s attention is extremely important, you have to be conscious that your brand is your entire company. For example, a human is made of organs, to function properly and be considered whole, to avoid suffering and pain, all organs have to be healthy and support one another. If one organ fails, the human can die. That is exactly how branding in a company works, but many businesses still have trouble understanding and communicating their branding to their customers and even within their teams.  

The biggest mistake a business can make is failing at properly telling their brand story. Connection is exactly what motivates people to buy. The biggest desire humans have is to find meaning. They don’t care about money as much as they think they do, but they care about meaning, so your job as a business is to give your brand meaning to strike a connection and not only meaning to your customers, but also to your employees. They  need to feel that your product, service, core values, mission, vision are aligned with what they believe in. 

But how can you achieve alignment? Should I not have a logo or website? 

Honestly, your logo is the identifier that helps people recognize who you are among thousands of other brands, and in today’s digital world, a website is a way for people to connect with your company no matter where they are in the world, but your main focus should not be placed on those types of things. To find alignment, you have to first be able to tell your brand story to the world, including your team. They have to be able to understand exactly what you do and why you do it. Your customers have to be able to understand how your product or service is the solution to their problem or needs. How do you do that? Through visual content. 

Siri Casper, CEO and founder of Sirivisa Creative, a brand focused on holistic creative solutions for forward-thinking products and personal brands believes nothing connects humans to each other more than creative storytelling. “There’s a lot of value in how storytelling can support a brand’s overall image, or even change the tone of a brand’s current culture and perception. Storytelling and visual communication are the main pillars supporting branding”, – Siri Casper. 

Siri believes every brand has a story to tell, you have to be able to find it, and tell it, and that is the only way your brand will rapidly grow. If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, by storytelling, but need help doing so, connect with Sirivisa Creative. They have many resources that might be able to help you. 

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