Detrack Systems Empowers Small Businesses to Deliver Like Professionals

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The pandemic highlighted the importance of delivery. Customers needed a safe way to purchase daily essentials, while businesses needed to stay afloat. While large companies can enlist the services of logistics and courier firms without making a dent in their budget, small businesses cannot. Fortunately, there is a way for small businesses to run at par with the big players. This is where Detrack Systems comes into play.

Detrack Systems offers delivery management solutions that are very friendly to small businesses. Detrack’s app-based software lets small businesses remain in control of their riders even while they are out making deliveries using just a smartphone.

Detrack Systems’ delivery management software offers several benefits. First, it lets small businesses easily download and manage deliveries and dispatch them to drivers. Tracking deliveries is also easy as the software displays speed, distance, and location on a live map view and updates to the minute. The app-based software also sends out automated instant email and SMS notifications to both businesses and customers once an order is delivered. Once a parcel is delivered, signature and photo proof can both be captured on the app.

Detrack Systems’ delivery management solution is ready for integration. Integrating the software into a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS), or e-commerce platform or point-of-sale system is straightforward. There is no need to purchase hardware. Detrack Systems’ tracking solution does away with traditional tracking devices that take time and money to implement. Small businesses can immediately start tracking using an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Not only is Detrack’s delivery intuitive software beneficial to small businesses, but it is also easy to use for drivers. The app-based software is foolproof, even for non-tech-savvy drivers. It was specifically designed to require minimal interaction from them. Also, submitting proof of delivery (POD) only entails tapping a few buttons.

On top of all these features, small businesses can also rely on Detrack Systems’ top-notch tech support team to make the software work for them.

Because Detrack Systems is in the business of empowering small companies, their software comes at affordable rates. Small companies can track unlimited deliveries and PODs for a flat monthly fee starting from only $20 per driver.

With a reliable delivery management system in place, small businesses can run their deliveries smoothly and increase productivity. They can effectively grow their business without spending too much time and effort and, most importantly, financial resources.

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About Detrack Systems Pte. Ltd.

Detrack Systems believes logistics operations can be cheaper, better, and faster. Thus, in 2013, they developed a revolutionary vehicle tracking and proof-of-delivery system that can be operated with just a smartphone. In 2018, the company launched two more mobile apps: Detrack Manager and Detrack Scanner. By 2019, the company surpassed 30 million completed jobs on the Detrack platform and launched a route planning and optimization solution called ElasticRoute. Last year when the pandemic hit, the company launched a Contactless Delivery feature to keep drivers safe, while improving their systems to keep up with the demand.