Best wishes to Stefan Durina and Turbado for retrieving the 1st position as the most popular brand in the Mobile Phones category. And that was second-year consecutively (and second place the years before)!

It will be unjustified if we don’t listen to 1.5 million customers

Turbado is an elegant brand – simple and easy to use

Why bother buying and paying the full price of an iPhone? Rather pay the down payment with little or no monthly charges as the product as a service. When you feel like you have riveted enough, you can return it for secondary sell or recycling.

There might be a possibility that you’re returned mobile phone may have some value, so we revamp those mobile phones and sell them on e-bay. This way you don’t have to vex about the old phones and buy a new mobile phone.

There is a lifetime warranty so as long as you are using our product as a service, we are caretakers of the mobile phones.

  • What makes our customers happy is that they have to pay less for mobile phones and other gadgets
  • They have the money-back guarantee as they are returning their mobile phones
  • As long as you hold devices, you hold the warranty as well
  • When we get back products, we try our best to get them to new hands
  • In the end, we are proud of our recycling process as our no disposal goes to landfills

We care about our customers with faster and better customer services in terms of delivering and swift one day repair and exchange services during business days.

This is a short story of how Turbado managed to become the best mobile phone company in many countries. Managed by Stefan Durina.