Mohammad Jobaid is multi-talented young blood of Bangla music industry, he is very popular for his outstanding singing performance, as an upcoming star, he is doing his job for the music lovers. Bangladeshi people always love to listen to some lyrics which is looks very soft and heart touching, and it will see a real scenario of people’s life, Bangla song is one kind of emotion to them. so this is true that Jobaid always thinks about the audience’s demands and he wants to deliver some quality work in a regular basis. So this the reason people loves him and loves to hear him too.

Everywhere that he goes, he shares his childhood scenario and memories, he was too much insane towards music, this kind of madness is obviously God gifted and this consistency makes him a musician, Bangladeshi legendary singer Tahsan Khan is his most favorite singer, but obviously he respects all of his senior musicians. In 2004, he bought his guitar for the very first time in his life and this was the beginning, after that officially  he thought of music and tried to perform in various platform of his local area of Brahmanbaria and also outside of his home town. Very nice to hear some legendary song from his voice and he his very much capable to copy and entertain the audience in various program in school/college’s, cultural events etc. This personality is not only a good singer but also he already established his name as a freelancer in the digital marketing world. Above all he his an excellent human being with a huge mind towards his friends, family, neighbor and all of the crazy fans.

He not only covers the song but has some original songs like ‘Tumi Hina Ami kadi’, ‘Nai Tumi Keno ami’,  ‘Keno Ami Kadi’, in 2016, all this songs released under ‘TSR Music Studio’. Jobaid said, this is the trailer, a lot of works remain, huge way to go, I shall become successful when I’ll perform in the stages and my audience will shouting ‘one more one ore’ in front of me, this day will be my best day in my life, and I am searching that how I can show my best.

Short life story:

Mohammad Jobaid was born on 27 December 1994, this star is the son of Brahmanbaria district and was born in same town. out of 7 child of Mohammad Ali and Fatema Begum, Jobaid is number 4, he has 4 brothers and 3 sisters. He is known as ‘Jubba’ in his friend circle, all of his friends and family members are supportive to him. His musical talent and freelancing activities is very captivating, and why not he because this guy is an well educated person. He completed his SSC from Annada Govt. high school-Brahmanbaria and HSC from Rifles public college-Dhaka, passed his graduation from Kasba T-Ali college. he wants to be a magician not musician by using the talent of music.