Mimoza Thaqi is just like any other girl with a big dream, but the difference between her and most of the women of her age is that she actually achieved a lot in a small time frame. This young Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Blogger has grown a substantial amount of followers on Instagram (@mimoza.t) and that is quite a big step considering her efforts and her previous work experience.

Mimoza Thaqi – an inspirational character who has been modeling since she was 17 years old, and the best part about her is that she is not your typical US or UK Citizen, yet she blended so nicely.

Mimoza Thaqi, originally from Kosovo, moved to London and started doing what she loved, and that is modeling and fashion. This young and inspiring model has worked with a lot of famous names like RedBull, Tony’s Pitta restaurant, FemmeLuxe, Nasty Gal, LyreFitness, Orphica Cosmetics, etc.

If you think this is all she has achieved, then be ready to be amazed because these are some of her achievements. The most significant achievement she achieved so far is being on the cover of the National Slovenian National Newspaper.

Mimoza Thaqi is not stopping to inspires all the young teens out there to be like her. Achieving so much in a small amount of time requires a lot of passion and dedication. Her work is a fine example of her achievement, and what she can achieve next, and that is why we now have a brand like MimozaLuxe.

MimozaLuxe is Mimoza Thaqi’s first-ever clothing brand with a new style idea, impeccable fashion sense, and much more. Just like her model career, we hope to see a lot of success in her fashion line, and we hope that she keeps inspiring with her fashion and style throughout MimozaLuxe.