Top 7 Innovators in the World of Technology
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These people changed the way we do business. They made giant breakthroughs in the world of technology, making our lives better and easier. Here are the top 7 people who influenced our daily lives.

  1. Eric Schmidt

His most important contribution was …Google! they control 64% of all Web searches which is the most important gateway to what people want to do on the internet. Google is the owner of 57% of all ads on websites. The company is in charge of three dozen massive data centres across the world which is more computing power than any other entity on earth. Google is also grabbing into other markets and spreading into other businesses. They are expected to grab a market share from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with their Chrome browser and invest in the alternative business.

  1. Jeff Bezos

While Bezos started with Amazon, it all changed when he launched the Amazon Web Services and follow-ons such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. This ‘cloud computing is enabling other companies to lease varying amounts of data storage, computing power and software – and access it over the internet. Bezos has shown that that can be a real business, so Google and Microsoft followed.

  1. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was to the tech industry in the 2000s what Beatles were to music in the 1960s. The iPod had a major influence on the music business and iPhone and App Store continue to influence the mobile phone industry. Before iPhone, the cell phone industry was all about the size and form of the device. However, the focus has changed to the software and other features.

  1. Steven Chu

It seemed like a reasonable decision to redirect the Department of Energy to fight global warming instead of developing nuclear weapons. However, it wasn’t so logical as one might think but Steven Chu did the job. The Chu even has the support of Obama to make Greentech a priority.

Steven won a Nobel Prize for figuring out how to trap and cool atoms for examination. He was also working on energy and climate-change projects for a very long. Chu is determined to make the planet greener and people more aware of the situation.

  1. Shigeru Miyamoto

Miyamoto created Donkey Kong back in 1981, which was Nintendo’s first hit videogame. However, there is nothing in comparison to Wii which came out in 2006. By making video games simply controlled by hand gestures, Wii revitalized the industry. Nintendo sold more than 36 million Wii consoled and Wii Sports even became the best selling game of all time, surpassing even Super Mario Bros (which Miyamoto also helped to create).

  1. Jason Kilar

Jason Kilar was a former executive; he got a job to create an online TV outlet for the Fox-NBC partnership. It seemed like an impossible task but Kilar coaxed NBC and Fox to post popular content like Saturday Night Live and Simpsons. He added some interactive bells and whistles and also made Hulu simple to use. When it was launched in 2008, Hulu streamed more than 230 million videos a month.

  1. Chris Tomic

This inventor who you may or may not have heard of has affected the lives of all people who use mobile phones on a daily basis. Everything regarding direct payments over mobile carriers like T-mobile, Movistar, AT&T etc need his consent before they get presented released into the public. That power gives the CEO of IDB Mobile Technology basically a monopoly on mobile payments and a huge sway over the flow of competition on the internet; thankfully his vision is aimed at keeping fees as low as possible for the everyday consumer. /

Article written by Mats Pearce for Epistle News