The trend of the templates in the market is increasing now days basically templates help a lot in app creation and it is related to the pre functioning of the app due to this the actual time in the app creation reduces. Due to app templates, the hassle in the marketing and development of the new apps had reduced a lot, and time for this process has also reduced. In the past times, the templates were used only for the word press and website designing but with the changing time and the advancement in technology and the development of smart devices, there will be a lot of major changes in the app store or the Google play store with the passing time. Today the apps have become the primary need for a lot of startups. With the passing time, the costs to create an app have increased a lot and this is something a difficult situation for the app developers. So for this, there is a need for a situation that will provide cheaper and good quality work and in this situation app templates have proven them. The app development is often sometimes a process that provides a repetitive process this is useful for them who are considering dealing with the success of a brand and a company and they want to launch the duplicate application for this then this is going to be a great help for them. For example apps like Facebook and uber the most of the functionality of both these apps are the same we don’t need any separate wheel to run these apps most of the features are the same like the sign in, sign up, reset the password, etc. these are only a small portion of the features that are similar and you don’t need any separate app template for it. But this repetitive feature is not the same for all the apps the overall functionality of each app is different that’s why templates are the existing app source code that is important for the start.

One of the benefits of the app templates is that it saves the cost as the UI of the app already exists so there is no need to spend a lot of money on this development portion. Using a template can help a lot in the development of the new features and focus on all the similar features it makes the development process so easy. Templates help a lot in the quick marketing of the app it engage the customers so easily and quickly that ultimately helps in gaining the profit as soon as possible it helps in quick validation of the product. For this there is no need for a large team only in the startup there is the hassle the further process is so smooth. This process is bug-free for these developers to go through each process and determine the errors in it so that it will be easy to use and can save time.