Ahmed Zulficar to Support in Raising Tech Cash for Palestinian Children

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“I felt that I’m responsible to support these marginalized communities,” said Ahmed Zulficar from Egypt.

In collaboration with a charity, that’s founded in 2003, works with hundreds of multi-faith and multi-cultural women and provides a safe space, as well as a variety of services including English lessons, lunch clubs for children, advice and advocacy services.

Zulficar has previously volunteered for the charity and wanted to do something to help the women in need.

“Not having access to technology will have a direct impact on the children academically as they will not be able to do their homework or meet any deadline as a result of not having something as simple as a basic laptop,”

Samar Deghaili, an outreach worker with the charity, praised Zulficar’s initiative and said he “saw the need” and was “quick to step up”.

Ahmed Zulficar added: “To manage the COVID-19 crisis, The whole world must come together.”