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From Egypt to Russia and now they’re coming to London!

Over the last 3 years alone, Ahmed Zulficar along with an investment entity have connected $125million of capital, showcased to over 5000 high net-worth investors and investment groups at events spanning 6 countries and 12 cities.

This year, due to the unforeseen circumstance of COVID-19, Ahmed Zulficar has gone completely virtual with an investment entity and remains 100% committed to helping our eco-system continue to thrive in this time. Our online events will provide companies and investors with invaluable networking opportunities on a global scale.

Zulficar’s initiative continues to be recognised by renowned organisations as a leading source for HNW investors and reputable companies as the demand for innovation locally and internationally continues to grow.

By Melissa Reeds

Melissa covers business and finance for Epistle News