Marketing Expert Antonio Spadaccini’s ‘ANDJCREW’ is here to skyrocket your business’ growth

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Imagine you’re the owner of a stationary shop in the 1980s. You do reasonably well per your expenses. Everything works fine. One day, Ryman decides opens a store opposite to yours. Now they are a much bigger brand in the book retail business, especially in the 1980s. Not only do they have a bigger store than your own, they also have greater brand recognition.

You decide to use your biggest ploy – marketing. You get a thousand flyers published. You paste them all over your locality, reminding your potential customers about your presence.

What does Ryman do? After seeing your flyers, Ryman takes out a front-page newspaper ad. People from across the city flock to their store and your little stationary barely gets anything.

After some time, you close up shop. In the 1980s, you were naturally constrained by your resources. However, in 2022, you are not helpless. You have the power of digital marketing.

Today, we bring you an exclusive interview with marketing expert Antonio Spadaccini (a.k.a ANDJ). Antonio has built multiple brands with the help of marketing, digital marketing and social growth. Multiplying turnovers by fold, Antonio’s firm is counted among some the best in the world in the field.

Why are sales so important?

A typical business rests on two pillars—production of goods or services and sales of goods or services. My definition of sales includes not only a trivial “seller-buyer” transaction but an entire system of sales. Most of the entrepreneurs misinterpret the essence of business and they contribute much more energy and money into production than into sales. These are the business people who comprise that 95 % of businesses that fail in the first five years. The main purpose of any business is profit-making which is unachievable without efficient sales.

What is your best marketing tip for creative entrepreneurs who have just founded their own company?

It’s always fine to reach out to someone and take help. You could spend a ton of money or time trying to get the word out and not reach the audience you wish to reach.

That’s exactly where we pitch in. Having worked in multiple industries, we know how to get your brand the liftoff it needs. Most new startups fail purely because of a bad marketing strategy, not the product.

If you had to begin your marketing career all over again, what’s one thing that you would do differently?

When I was a young and just starting out, I was way too focused on top funnel metrics; views, registered users, and newsletter sign-ups were our core KPIs. Retroactively speaking, these were vanity metrics.

Looking back, I would rather focus on bottom funnel KPIs from day one: new Monthly Recurring Revenue, expansion MRR, and overall churn percentage/ratio.

Where can our readers connect with you?

My website is I’ve formed a team of marketing experts who have over 7 years of experience doing what we do. We combine and deploy the best of online and offline marketing, paired with social growth, to skyrocket your brand.