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Sunday, April 18, 2021

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What on earth is a Lunibox? Meet the viral art box that’s breaking the internet

Lunibox is a 3D paper-carved art box. It has layers of paper cuttings that are carved in beautiful designs put up one upon the other. On the back, there's an LED that illuminates it all and the end result is a super cool and enchanting art box. Have a look at the below GIF: The company that makes these art...

Suspected vaping illness related contaminant found

For weeks, officials have searched for what could be causing a string of vaping-related respiratory illnesses across the country. Now, they may have found a clue: Many of the products used by the patients contained a common contaminant — an oil derived from vitamin E, according to news reports. The news of the contaminant comes from the U.S. Food and...