“You find time for the things that matter. You’re never too busy,” says Brandon Alexander.

Brandon Alexander is a talented actor, videographer and, film editor currently living in Atlanta, GA. He is known for his work on films like Greenhouse Academy, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story and, Tiny World (2020). Alongside his acting and writing skills, Brandon is also very musically inclined. He plays numerous instruments and even has an instrumental (compilation of piano, strings, and saxophone) album and two EP’s.

Brandon has a website called ‘FameAdventura’ that focuses on bringing a collection of stories, topics, and ideas to the table in a format where everyone can have a chance to voice their opinions and give their input and feedback on said topics. The point is always to welcome these talks and debates because they are necessary. As people, we all have different points of view, etc., and we will never get anywhere without at least hearing your neighbor out and trying to understand where they’re coming from. The moniker “Fame” or “FameAdventura” that Brandon goes by actually has a deeper meaning than just a “name.” It is more of a process. The name is his Adventure or journey to Fame or achieving his ultimate goal/dream in the film industry. Brandon also has a new book coming out in 2022 titled ‘NSPLS: Not So Perfect Love Story.’

This multi-talented individual is slowly climbing up the steps of success. With his passion, skills, and dedication to his work, Brandon will surely reach new heights.

To know more, visit his website FameAdventura and Twitter!

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