Mumbai:- ASGIR laboratory glasswares, by ASGI (India) Industries, has introduced its revolutionary “Extraa Thick” range of Calibrated Volumetric Class-A, more than a year back. These glasswares, are highly accurate in volume with each piece being calibrated individually and provided with an accuracy certificate, on confirming the Class-A Standards.

ASGIR, “Extraa Thick” range is available in both Volumetric Flasks & Pipettes for various volumes. These glasswares are atleast 50% more thick than the regular glass. Single glass tubes are being used to blow these glasswares to maintain the True Thickness all throughout. Thus, giving optimum physical durability, in regular handling.

Tushar Agarwal, Director, ASGIR Glasswares, said, “Our primary objective in introducing “Extraa Thick” range, is to assist in reducing the handling breakages. Thus, providing Safer & Cleaner laboratory environment and help reduce the glass related accidents in the laboratories. After few trials and customers feedback, we are able to Innovate the daily use glasswares, with our touch of Intelligence, Practicality & Experience. We also fulfil our quest for Make in India, Made for the World.”

ASGIR, also offers other glasswares solutions like Beakers, Flasks, Burettes, Condensers, Funnels, Test Tubes, Adapters, Sintered & Amber color. All these glasswares are adhering to the high Chemical & Heat resistant Borosilicate Glass, complying to various IS / ISO / ASTM / USP. Thus, are also safer to use in various sectors like, foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, perfumes, dyes, education, etc.

In India, ASGIR, have Direct Business Associations with the pharma majors like Sun Pharmaceuticals, Aurobindo Pharma, Lupin, Dr. Reddy’s Labs, Divi’s Labs, Glenmark Life Sciences, Mylan Labs, Sanofi India, Intas Pharma, Alkem Laboratories, Alembic Pharma, to name a few.

All glasswares are made in their 2 factories in Agra city, whereas, have a Corporate office in Mumbai & a branch office in Ahmedabad. In the 1st step to take the company global, have  opened an office in London, U.K.. Apart from this, have a strong distributor’s network in India covering all the states and all the major cities.

For more information, you may refer to or write at email:- [email protected]