Paul Prince’s Book, “ A Transient Ride” is trending, and the content is amazing

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To us Londoners, a great book read gives us passion, especially Shakespearean Novels, Paul Prince does just that, bring that passion im us. A rather short novel but a well worthy one. After a couple glance through the pages and well elaborated texts we can detect the rich vocabulary applied with these texts and it’s fascinating.

The novel consists of short monologues and fables that contained important life messages in every single one of them. Each passage within this book will give you a profound look of how Paul Prince sees the world. Paul Prince is not only an author, he is also a screenwriter, loves to playwright. A talented persona with quite a prolific portfolio,you can observe that from his many short films released and series on his website

A transient ride volume 1, we are waiting for a second one, we can’t wait to see what else he got going on up his sleeves. A Multipotentialite according to Fox News and many outlets that published about him, we are already impressed.

He also has his book ‘lost in Europe’ that’s due to come out very soon. I wonder what he says about London, hope it’s great thing. We all know London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The talented Paul Prince never sees to impress us, what next behind this great mind.

You can now purchase his book on amazon or get in kindle for less than 5£, trust me it’s worth it. Check it out now.

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