Credit Cleaner & IPX DeFi: Unleashing the Full Power of the Eureka Blockchain

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The DeFi revolution is just starting, but decentralized finance solutions have already given us a glimpse of how the economy of the future might look like. Open source, inclusive and democratic, the DeFi ecosystem allows anyone, anywhere in the world to ditch centralized third parties and take full control of their finances. However, traditional blockchain infrastructures were limiting the development of DeFi by not being created with decentralized finance in mind. It’s all in the past now – Eureka Blockchain is here to give the DeFi world the network infrastructure it deserves.

Eureka: The First Blockchain Made with DeFi in Mind

Eureka Network is a state of the art blockchain which combines the most advanced features of different ecosystems to accomplish a specific mission: building a network infrastructure designed to create a perfect environment for the development of innovative DeFi applications.

Blockchains like Ethereum were invented long before the advent of decentralized finance, and they struggle to accommodate the rapidly expanding popularity of DeFi. The high fees and transaction times troubling the ETH network during the times of peak volume make many Ethereum-based decentralized finance applications inefficient and unreliable.

The Eureka Blockchain includes features which make it able to host advanced DeFi solutions such as dApps (decentralized applications) and DEXs (decentralized exchanges). The Eureka Network scalability was designed to provide the maximum efficiency to decentralized finance projects by seamlessly merging complex independent ecosystems on-chain as well as through side-chains.

Credit Cleaner: The DeFi Solution to Credit Management

The core idea of DeFi is taking well-known financial mechanisms and enhancing them with the power of decentralized solutions such as blockchain technology and smart contracts. Credit Cleaner realizes the mission of DeFi by applying decentralized finance to the world of credit management.

Having a good credit score is essential for anyone who wants to feel truly empowered in the modern day’s financial ecosystem. Credit Cleaner allows blockchain investors to improve their credit score through the power of DeFi by providing them with a blockchain-based credit management tool.

The Credit Cleaner ecosystem is powered by the CC Token (CC), an innovative DeFi token built on the Eureka Blockchain. Recently, Credit Cleaner announced a strategic partnership with IPX DeFi: one of the most advanced and complex DeFi systems operating on the Eureka Network.

IPX DeFi: Advanced DeFi Platform of the Eureka Blockchain

The IPX DeFi Project is a complex DeFi ecosystem mainly focused around the ImpulsX protocol – a unique, open source, decentralized project which makes it possible to issue stablecoins like XUSD in a fully distributed process known as ImpulsX Governance.

While other stablecoins on the market use archaic blockchain infrastructure, IPX fully enjoys all the enhancements made possible by the Eureka Blockchain. Since it’s designed with the Eureka architecture in mind, the XUSD stablecoin issued by IPX can operate in a more secure and efficient way than competing solutions.

Because it is built on Eureka, XUSD provides many advantages over traditional stablecoins like Binance USD (BUSD) or Tether (USDT). All the features of well-known stablecoins are also included in XUSD, but they are greatly enhanced with the extended functionality only available on the DeFi-focused environment of the Eureka Blockchain.

Learn More About the Eureka Blockchain Ecosystem

Credit Cleaner and IPX DeFi share the common goal of exploring the full potential of decentralized finance. Through the power of the Eureka Blockchain, innovative solutions like CC and IPX are able to deliver DeFi solutions with unparalleled levels of quality and efficiency.

The Eureka community is a quickly expanding global network of DeFi enthusiasts and blockchain developers who believe in providing advanced decentralized solutions to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you want to know more about the Eureka Network, Credit Cleaner or IPX, please visit our social media channels. We are eager to hear out all your suggestions and answer your all questions.

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