What on earth is a Lunibox? Meet the viral art box that’s breaking the internet

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Lunibox is a 3D paper-carved art box. It has layers of paper cuttings that are carved in beautiful designs put up one upon the other. On the back, there’s an LED that illuminates it all and the end result is a super cool and enchanting art box. Have a look at the below GIF:

The company that makes these art boxes is Urelas Shopping. When we got in touch with them to know more about the product and the idea behind it, an executive commented “We did not expect such a huge reception to Lunibox when we launched it. We sell the some of the most unique lighting accessories in the world, so our products do go viral sometimes. However, Lunibox went beyond our expectations”

“The demand was so much that we had to launch another USB-powered version of it as well, within a week of launching the initial AAA variant.”, said the personnel.

The company is planning to launch a whole series of collection based on these Luniboxes, with thousands of designs to choose from.

Luniboxes are available at Urelas’ official web store for $39.99 and are shipped to over 100 countries for free.

By Zoe Gallagher

Zoe writes for science & technology at Epistle News.