Meera's Village in North-Western London was left thrashed and vandalised in BLM protests
Vandals left Meera's Village, an Indian restaurant in North-West London thrashed.

In a shocking incident, an Indian restaurant in Queensbury named ‘Meera’s Village’ was vandalised by violent #BlackLivesMatter protestors. While the restaurant was left ransacked, the vandals also wrote derogatory Indophobic racial slurs on the restaurant’s art-wall.

Pictures of the incident were shared by a London-resident on Twitter who wrote “We Gujarati’s are a minority community in the UK, smaller than the black Community. Yet #BlackLivesMatter target Beautiful Meera’s village restaurant on Ealing Rd, Wembley London. Keep promoting Black Lives Matters Indians!”

Meera’s Village is one of Edgware’s most renowned Indian restaurants – popular for its Western Indian cuisine. In 2019, the restaurant was named London’s best Indian restaurant by Eater London. The restaurant’s owners had recently run a coronavirus aid programme, providing free food to the needy.

With the protests entering violent stage and protesters clashing with police, Metropolitan Police Commander Basit Javid has issued restrictions in London to avoid a repeat of last week’s violent clashes. As per the new restrictions, protesters will have to keep to the planned march route which runs from Hyde Park to Whitehall.