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Malala: Nobel laureate to a Twitter troll

Malala Yousafzai, the 22-year old Pakistani Nobel laureate who now lives in Birmingham, is being accused of "sharing fake news & peddling lies" on her Twitter profile with regards to Kashmir. The Nobel prize winner, on September 14th, sent out a series of tweets sympathizing with Kashmiris. Kashmir is a disputed region between India, Pakistan & China with all controlling...

Do Pakistani leaders lack intellectual maturity?

As India’s ISRO was ready to create history by landing its rover on moon’s south pole. Pakistan’s ‘Science & Technology Minister’ made a series of tweets when the Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram lost contact with ISRO’s control centre. In one of his tweets the minister said “Please sleep. The toy landed in Mumbai instead of landing on the moon”. “Aww...don’t attempt what...

Why has it become so cool to hate India?

Saturday morning, last week was a bad one for me – the first thing I read, was an article from Dilip D'Souza. He pontificated, "Then what do we say about those who might plot against the obscenity that blights their land, as Stauffenberg did, who fight to free India of it? Are they patriots? If so, what if they welcomed...