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China kills 20 Indian troops; India kills 43

After 45 years, the Indo-China face off got violent on June 16th as Chinese troops attacked the Indian side in the Indian union territory of Ladakh. In retaliation, Indian intercepts revealed that the Chinese side has suffered heavy casualties as well, with at least 43 troops dead. Both India and China had productive talks 10 days ago when China asserted...

Malala: Nobel laureate to a Twitter troll

Malala Yousafzai, the 22-year old Pakistani Nobel laureate who now lives in Birmingham, is being accused of "sharing fake news & peddling lies" on her Twitter profile with regards to Kashmir. The Nobel prize winner, on September 14th, sent out a series of tweets sympathizing with Kashmiris. Kashmir is a disputed region between India, Pakistan & China with all controlling...

India Captures Chinese Side of Pangong Lake – Region Controlled by China Since 1962: sources

In a fresh twist to ongoing India-China skirmishes, unconfirmed sources have asserted that India has now captured the Chinese side of Pangong Lake - a region that was taken under China's control post the 1962 Indo-China war. It is to be noted that the India-China stand-off recently took violent turns as the Chinese side killed 20 soldiers, in retaliation, India...