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Meet the only 2020 Candidate making sense — Tulsi Gabbard

Who is Tulsi Gabbard? 38 years old Born in American Samoa; currently living in Kailua, Hawaii, and Washington Four-term congresswoman representing Hawaii’s Second District, first elected in 2012 Over 16 years of public service Was deployed in the Middle East (Iraq / Kuwait); Currently serves as Major in Army National Guard The unusual 2020 candidate Doesn't fit any conventional political...

World leaders praise Trump’s economic policies, but some Americans hate it

On 22nd September, the Indian Prime Minister Modi was on his US tour and held a huge rockstar-like event in Houston - 'Howdy, Modi!'. Rare, President Trump too was a part of this event and addressed the public for almost half an hour receiving multiple standing ovations from a cheerful crowd of over 50,000 Indian-Americans. Speaking at the event, Modi...

President Trump becomes third president in history to be impeached

Donald Trump has become only the third president in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives after an incredibly dramatic night. Lawmakers in the lower house of Congress, currently controlled by opposition Democrats, voted to approve two articles of impeachment. The first article, which charged Mr Trump of abuse of power passed with 230 votes to 197. A...