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‘Howdy, Modi!’ protesters leave pile of garbage outside NRG Stadium in Houston

US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi exchanged warm words of friendship in Houston's NRG Stadium at a rare mass rally for a foreign leader. Around 50,000 people, 60 elected officials, including Governors, Senators and Representatives from all states, gathered for what Mr Trump called a "profoundly historic event" on Sunday in Houston. The "Howdy, Modi!" event...

Fight me, cowards.

Tulsi Gabbard did the right thing by choosing not to vote. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard voted "present" on the articles of impeachment against president Trump. A move that is being widely criticised by Democrats across the country. Major Gabbard's whole campaign has been about uniting America, having a conversation across the aisle and meeting in the middle. An impeachment like this further...

World leaders praise Trump’s economic policies, but some Americans hate it

On 22nd September, the Indian Prime Minister Modi was on his US tour and held a huge rockstar-like event in Houston - 'Howdy, Modi!'. Rare, President Trump too was a part of this event and addressed the public for almost half an hour receiving multiple standing ovations from a cheerful crowd of over 50,000 Indian-Americans. Speaking at the event, Modi...