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Friday, September 24, 2021

British Covid Continues to Spread in India

As India faces one of the deadliest waves of the deadly coronavirus in the world, the situation seems to be becoming somewhat improving as positivity declines. Amidst the country's battle with the deadly virus, scientists are working day and night to identify the reason for such a ‘tsunami’ of the pandemic. And one of the main suspects remains the...

Boris set to win 64-seat majority, polls suggest

Polling suggests that Boris Johnson's Conservative Party could win a 64-seat majority in the House of Commons in the coming General Election. The poll of poll, conducted by Electoral Calculus suggests the Conservative Party polling at 42.8%, taking 357 seats in the 650-seat lower house while Corbyn’s Labour Party is polling at 30% - set to lose 55 seats. Another Deltapoll...